It's a nimble desktop program. It is running on the user’s computer. There is no need to deploy a web app.

It can be used offline. Your customer can create an order without the need to upload it immediately, or even be connected (for instance, during a location shoot.) The order can be saved for later upload. Uploads that are interrupted by a crash, or other problems, will also resume from the point left off.

You own it. This is not rentware. You receive whatever updates may be released for one year from the date of deployment. The application that your customer uses is native Mac OS X or Windows. This is not a Java application.
It is targeted to your lab. A customer can use a generic FTP client to send a file anywhere. Uploads from FTPhoto come straight to YOU.

Multi-language support. At this writing, FTPhoto is substantially localized for Norwegian and Spanish, with smatterings of others.
An order form is automatically generated, and included with your customer’s uploaded files. Perhaps you are already running an FTP server, and are sifting through emails from your customers to tell you what is what. No more.

Shared-key encryption protects the security of your customers' information, all while using standard FTP.
E-mail confirmation of uploads. FTPhoto sends you a mail (with a CC back to the customer) when a session is complete.

Server administration is easy. Your version of FTPhoto targets any FTP server you choose, but ideally you run the server in-house. That way, the order comes straight to YOU, not to a place where you in turn have to download it. Installing and administering an FTP server is not as daunting as some think, and we can help. You do not even need a static IP address!

The Benefits of FTPhoto
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