• Photographic retouching and restoration.

• Building of small to mid-size web sites.

• Development of custom applications.

• Analog (VHS, etc.) conversion to editable digital or DVD.

• Final Cut Pro editing services.
We understand the needs of both the professional photographer and the photo lab, and cater to both. However, we also have some good things for the consumer.

We offer these products and services:

The FTPhoto client, for lab customers to create and upload orders.

• Consulting services for FTP server setup and administration.
Sometimes you just need a change of scenery” (rollover)
Welcome to “DigiDerm”
This site has nothing to do with medical equipment, which does lead to occasional confusion.

“Digital Dermatology” was a pet name that we gave to our Photoshop work. This was therefore an obvious domain to register.

The Photoshop services are still offered. However, working in studio and lab environments during the transition from film to digital, we worked on developing an online ordering solution that would be appealing to both the client photographer and the lab….
“fixing zits with bits”
Solutions for Imaging Professionals